New Year resolutions


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Traditions of English-speaking countries. New year resolutions

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Traditions New Year's Resolution Week is observed during the first week of each New Year. Its purpose is to encourage people to make firm resolutions, set challenging goals, and develop detailed action plans for their accomplishment that will enable them to have the best year of their life.

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How is this tradition observed? New Year's Resolution Week is celebrated in schools, businesses, churches and in homes.

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Do many people keep their promises? New Year's is the season for making - and breaking New Year's resolutions.  Unfortunately, research shows that over 80% of resolution-makers become resolution-breakers.

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Typical resolutions · Lose weight and keep it off ·  Quit smoking (and kick other addictions) ·  Achieve more personal and professional success ·  Break bad habits, and cement new habits ·  Rebound from setbacks and negative experiences ·  Create a more balanced, satisfying life

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You can also include in your list: Write letters to my grandmother once a month; Get a driving license/learn to drive; Find a part-time job; Pass an exam for Estonian citizenship; Knit/finish knitting the sweater; Keep my room in order; Not to borrow money/save ;

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@ be kind to everyone; @ cut down on junk food; @ watch less TV; @ get organized; @ get out of debt; @ be punctual; @ quit smoking (or other bad habits) @ read more books; Why not write:

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Do it!

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