Words from Trumpet of the Swan


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New Words from The Trumpet of the Swan

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Something (like a swan) is buoyant if it floats easily on water.

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People are very buoyant in the Dead Sea.

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A commotion happens when things move around a lot fast, and are very noisy.

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This fight is a commotion,

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and this noisy flock of birds made a commotion.

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A person is shy if he seems afraid of other people.

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This little girl is shy. Maybe she wants to meet you, but she is afraid!

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A person—especially a girl—is coy if she only pretends to be shy. She isn’t really afraid.

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This girl seems coy. She isn’t afraid of you, she is only pretending to be, a little.

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Something is defective if it has some problem that keeps it from working.

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Louis’ voice was defective, because he couldn’t speak. But he could play the trumpet!

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A person is doleful if he is sad because he has lost something.

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The dog has a doleful look, because he lost his bone.

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Something is elegant if it looks fancy and expensive, and especially if it moves nicely.

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This dance was very elegant.

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To embrace is to hug.

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The girl is trying to embrace the swan.

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Something is graceful if it moves very easily and prettily.

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Look how a swan moves through the water—it is very graceful.

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To haul is to pull something very heavy.

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The man hauled a big bag of hay across the lawn.

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Something is idyllic if it is in the country, or in the wilderness, and it is simple and also very beautiful.

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What an idyllic, wild, blue mountain lake. (It is in Canada.)

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To implore someone is to ask very strongly (to beg!), especially for help.

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“Please, my lord!” said the peasant. “I implore you!”

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To investigate is to look at something very hard, or to take a long time to try to explain something. Usually we investigate things that are very hard to understand.

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In many stories, Sherlock Holmes investigated why someone was killed. (He looked at things very closely.)

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Something is odious if it is so bad, so nasty, that we hate it.

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I think that man took the baby’s candy. What an odious thing to do!

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A bird’s plumage is all of its feathers.

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This peacock has beautiful plumage.

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Something is serene if it is peaceful and calm.

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I think this is a serene swan.

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You are spellbound if you feel that you just have to look at something that is very interesting. You don’t want to look away.

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The cat is spellbound by a bird.

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A person is stern if he is (or he looks) very serious and harsh.

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This man looks stern.

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To be timid is to be scared often, especially scared of people.

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This painting is called The Timid Bather. She is scared of the water.

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Something is troublesome if it makes people wait or clean up messes, or if it causes trouble in some other way.

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Thomas the Tank Engine didn’t like these “troublesome trucks.”

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The End

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