Intolerable Beauty


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gmaronson (8 years ago)

Please view "Intolerable Beauty-update" instead. That version has the sound track intended for it. gmaronson

gmaronson (8 years ago)

Thank you for the comments so far. The musical "soundtrack" doesn't play, even though it's started on the first "slide" in the original. Will re-post once I get the sound going.

Tonya (8 years ago)

WOW!!! good work!

artistnut (8 years ago)


Slide 1

Intolerable beauty

Slide 2

Images of American Mass consumption

Slide 3

Adapted from the work of Artist Chris jordan

Slide 4

Music: “Appalachian Journey” By Edgar Meyer (Excerpt) Performed by Yo Yo Ma, cello Edgar Meyer, double bass

Slide 5

Depiction of 106,000 aluminum cans—the number used in the U.S. every 30 seconds --after Seurat

Slide 8

Depiction of 60,000 plastic bags—the number used in the U.S. every 5 seconds

Slide 11

Depiction of 38,000 shipping containers—the number processed through American ports every 12 hours

Slide 13

Depiction of 200,000 packs of cigarettes—the number of Americans who die from smoking them every 6 months

Slide 17

Depiction of 1 million plastic cups—the number used on airline flights in the U.S. every 6 hours

Slide 20

Depiction of 2 million plastic beverage bottles—the number used in the U.S. every 5 minutes

Slide 23

Depiction of 320,000 light bulbs—representing the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity wasted in the U.S. every minute from inefficient residential electricity usage

Slide 27

Summary: Images of American Mass Consumption, adapted from the work of artist Chris Jordan

Tags: consumerism consumption chris jordan

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