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DIGESTION INTERNAL DIGESTION (many invertebrates and all vertebrates) EXTERNAL DIGESTION (many insects) anus gizzard mouth crop esophagus intestine mouth stomach anus SNAIL GRASSHOPPER intestine

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TYPES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS GASTRIC CAVITY. In animals with intracellular digestion DIGESTIVE TUBE. In animals with extracellular digestion. Water with nutrients enters into the cavity through hundreds of tiny pores, called ostia. It exits through the larger opening, the osculum. Accesory glands are found along the digestive tube: the salivary glands, the liver and the pancreas. These glands produce enzymes and other substances which aid digestion. anus rectum mouth pancreas esophagus large intestine small intestine stomach liver pharynx salivary glands osculum ostia water flow SPONGE ZEBRA (VERTEBRATE)

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RESPIRATION CUTANEOUS RESPIRATION (earthworms and adult amphibians). Gas exchange carried out through the skin. BRANCHIAL RESPIRATION (aquatic animal such as fish and some crustaceans). Gas exchange through the gills. gills water circulation operculum blood circulation water circulation gills

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TRACHEAL RESPIRATION (terrestial arthropods). Gas exchange through internal tubes or tracheae. PULMONARY RESPIRATION (some vertebrates and a few intertebrates like terrestrial snails). Gas exchange takes place in the lungs. RESPIRATION amphibian tracheae bird air reptile mammal spiracle

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CIRCULATORY SYSTEM OPEN CIRCULATORY SYSTEM (many molluscs and arthropods). Blood flows directly to the internal organs. SIMPLE CLOSED CIRCULATORY SYSTEM (fishes). The blood completes one loop. DOUBLE CLOSED CIRCULATORY SYSTEM (vertebrates). The blood completes two loops. hearts ostia: openings in hearts gills oxygenated blood oxygenated blood lungs deoxygenated blood deoxygenated blood heart direction of blood circulation heart

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EXCRETION Insect excretory system. Vertebrate excretory system. Malpighian tubules urethra bladder digestive tube ureter kidney

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Summary: Schemes about the parts of the digestive system of different animal groups

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