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A Faster Path to IoT Solutions Chris Lamb Founder and CTO

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The Internet of Things The latest wave of technology hype – driven by the search for the next killer app and quest for efficiency and big data Clearly, the IoT will bring many improvements to our daily life…

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Improves our lives…

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When coupled with “big data”…

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Scale and Scope The IoT is here, it’s massive and it will grow

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Complexity Solution complexity spans from the lowest power embedded devices to the most sophisticated “cloud” services http://domsternet.com/sensors-and-controls/agriculture/

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Multi-layered Communications Products must interoperate and interconnect across many boundaries

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End-to-End Solution Realizing revenue requires devices, connectivity and cloud services 8 Device Data Aggregator Sensors Onboard /PAN / LAN Device Enterprise Systems Cloud LAN / WAN / WWAN WAN / WWAN

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Solutions built from proven, customizable components

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Embedded to Cloud - architected from the device up Flexible sensor /actuators interface devices Extensively configurable – reporting intervals, alerts Bearer independent – various cellular & wireless technologies Carrier approved Optimized, custom protocol and messaging over various standard protocols Device Solutions Cellio

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Embedded to Cloud - architected from the device up Flexible deployment models – shared code base Modular design - RESTful API’s Standards based Semantic web / Graph data model (time-series, cached data) Programming language / OS agnostic Pluggable data stores Security – fine grained time series based permissions (authentication, authorization and auditing) Dashboards - customizable alerts Bright Wolf Platform

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Insurmountable Opportunity - IoT opportunities are everywhere Challenges - Delivering value requires a complex end-to-end solution Flexibility - Realizing a reasonable time to market depends upon adapting and customizing Device Solutions and Bright Wolf provide proven, customizable components upon which your solutions can be built

Summary: Chris Lamb, CTO and Founder, presents on the Cellio IoT/M2M/IIoT system of low power long range wireless network for industrial/agricultural/transporation applications for remote asset monitoring, control and visualization

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