Queen Elizabeth and the Presidents


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hv920 (8 years ago)

Yes, they come younger, she is getting older. Thank you.

artistnut (8 years ago)

Pretty amazing isn't it. Beautiful presentation. Sandy

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Elizabeth has been Queen this long

Slide 2

With President Obama

Slide 3

With President W. Bush

Slide 4

With President Clinton

Slide 5

With President H. W. Bush

Slide 6

With President Reagan

Slide 7

With President Carter r

Slide 8

With President Ford

Slide 9

With President Nixon

Slide 10

President Lyndon B. Johnson never meet Britain's Elizabeth II, making him the only seated US President that the Queen did not meet during her reign.

Slide 11

With President Kennedy

Slide 12

With President Eisenhower

Slide 13

With President Truman

Slide 14

Music – God save the Queen

Summary: Queen Elizabeth with the US Presidents

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