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jamesfromtennessee12 (2 years ago)

THat is an amazing and hilarious powerpoint.I love your animations.You are truly a presesntation artist,godschild.I will always cherish your creativity.Maybe one day my creativity would be just as great as yours.Plus,it has religious vallue to me.The quote at the end stated by jesus himself is a charectoristical law for me.Why?Well,im a baptist christian.HOwever,this video made me go LOL;)!

godschild (2 years ago)

Diane, I want to be friends. brendaddavis @att.net I am seeing the invasion of the marketeers. So I though of starting a no selling group. I am 73 and I lean heavily on God not very churchy. I have an email group if you'd like to try it out. A lot happens in a lifetime. I want to hear more about you and what you've been through. try it...you just might like it? smile.

DianeBetsy (2 years ago)

Hello godschild. I guess I have exhausted my creativity, also I had a stroke 18 months ago which changed my outlook on life. Do more activity and enjoy living away from the computer. the main thing which made me stop doing p.p.s. was the p.p.s. advert commercials which took over this site. I do enjoy looking at the new members work. We still have Maddie who is the star of my p.p.s she's getting older like me. I'm 71 pushing 72 years. best wishes and keep putting your shows on, they give many people much pleasure. cheers from Diane.

godschild (2 years ago)

How nice of you to respond.I liked your work but wonder why your posts are 3 yrs old? I enjoyed it so much I was puzzled. Have you found a better site? I know I would like you. I use slide share but they do not play animations or music unless you download. I jjust put a dogs one on there. http://www.slideshare.net/godskid/beloved-dogds-by-ksenia-raylova you'll like it.

DianeBetsy (2 years ago)

hello godchild. I loved this presentation, cute animals, clever captions - made me smile. cheers from Diane.

Slide 1

A Small World Presented by Brenda Music: Whipped Cream by Herb Alpert

Slide 3

There she is… Miss America…

Slide 6


Slide 7

Where’s the picnic tables at this rest stop?

Slide 8

HEY! What are you looking at?

Slide 9

How much does a condo with a roof cost?

Slide 11

Eeegads!!~~~ You scared the life out of me.

Slide 13

Where’s Shrek?

Slide 15

One~~Two~~Three~~How many are they?

Slide 16

Walking?~~ It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Slide 17

Sing~Sing a song~Sing out LOUD~ Song out LONG

Slide 18


Slide 21

Paging~~~~ Dr. Evilllll….

Slide 22

Ready for America’s Top Model.

Slide 24

but I'm not sure that what you heard is what I actually meant! thought I said,

Slide 25

Katrina Survivor~~~send the life boat!

Slide 26

Hey!!~~~Stop eating all the cashews!

Slide 27

“And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” ~Jesus~ John 1:28 THE END

Summary: Wild and domesticated animals in amusing situations with funny captions and bouncy music.

Tags: animals wild tame funny cute lively music herb alpert whipped cream fun captions professional photography

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