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Experience Presented by Brenda Music: Baby It’s Cold Outside by Vanessa Williams and Bobby Caldwell

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There are only a handful of hotels on the planet made of snow and ice. These Ice Hotels are located in Quebec Canada Norway Finland Sweden Romania and Japan.

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All of the ice hotels are reconstructed every year, and are dependent upon constant sub freezing temperatures during construction and operation. The walls, fixtures, and fittings are made entirely of ice or compacted snow, and are held together using a substance known as snice, which takes the place of mortar in a traditional brick-built hotel.

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Each year between December and April, the Ice hotel in the village of Jukkasjarvi is open. It is about 17 km from Kiruna, Sweden, and it was the world's first ice hotel. In 1989, Japanese ice artists visited the area and created an exhibition of ice art. In spring 1990, French artist Jannot Derid held an exhibition in a cylinder-shaped igloo in the area. One night there were no rooms available in the town, so some of the visitors asked for permission to spend the night in the exhibition hall. They slept in sleeping bags on top of reindeer skin skin – the first guests of the "hotel."

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The entire hotel is made out of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River; even the glasses in the bar are made of ice. Each spring, around March, Ice hotel harvests tons of ice from the frozen Torne River and stores it in a nearby production hall with room for over 100,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow.

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Each year, for the past 24 years now, the ICE HOTEL has accepted applications from artists around the world to design the world-famous hotel’s art suites. In 2013 there were more than 200 applications submitted from a wide range of artists to design and build an Art Suite. These included artists from a variety of creative backgrounds – including theatre and photography, to interior design and architecture. Each year around 15 applications are accepted with their designs and head there in November to build the suites.  

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The ice is used for creating Icebar designs and ice glasses, for ice sculpting classes, events and product launches all over the world while the snow is used for building a strong structure for the building. About 1,000 tons of what is left is used in the construction of the next Ice Hotel.

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Summary: Photographs and descriptions of Hotels and furnishings sculpted entirely of ice renewed yearly in several countries.

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