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Megalithic observatory By Ivona Micevska

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Kokino megalithic observatory is located in the area of Stara Nagorichane, about 50 miles air line from Skopje. It is located on the top "Tatichev stone," and It is named after the nearest village Kokkino. 

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The observatory was accidentally discovered in 2001. And, in 2002. started the research by the National Museum in Kumanovo, led by archeologist Jovica Stankovski. It is dated at 1800 years.BC or early Bronze Age. 

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Kokino consists of two parts. It includes special stone markers used to track the movement of the Sun and Moon on the eastern horizon. The observatory used the method of stationary observation, marking positions of the Sun at the winter and summer solstice, as well as the equinox.

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A Kokino culture may have been found, after a network of 10 temples were discovered in the mountain peaks of the Kumanovo-Kratovo region, dating back to 20th-18th century BC.

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Stone drawings have also been discovered, especially those of the eagle (associated with storms), and turtles (symbol of country). At least ten figurine objects of humans and animals have been discovered.

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According to the findings of archaeologists, the site Kokkino, in fact, no dwellings but that the observatory was also a sanctuary and, in the cracks were used to put things for their gods. The site has a kind of throne, where he probably sat the elders and leaders of the tribe.

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Megalith observatory in Kokkino is one of the most valuable ancient observatories in the world. Therefore, in 2005. U.S. space agency NASA's list of 15 such observatories in the world Kokino ranked fourth.

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