Acid effect on teeth


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Acid effect on teeth Siauliai “Juventa” Progymnasium

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The first symptom that a child is matured for school – the deciduous teeth are falling. That’s why there are lots of toothless children in the first forms. Still in September in our class not one friend gave a cry during the lesson: ”The tooth has just fallen”. Now all pupils have real – constant teeth, which, it is understandable, we need to preserve very much in order not to cry at the dentist, not to envy friends’ healthy, strong teeth.

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Testing methods –experiment, watch. The testing is initiated on 15 th September, 2015. 4 test-tubes were used for the experiment. We poured a half of glass of cold water into the first tube. We pressed juice out of one big orange into the second tube. Into to the third tube – “Sprite” drink , and into the fourth – “Coca-cola“ drink. We studied the consist of drink which was indicated on the label before we poured the lemonade. We paid attention that there are lots of various preservatives, acids.

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We put some teeth into the each test-tubes. Children raised their own hypotheses – most of the first formers thought that the teeth will not change in the juice (even doctors recommend to drink juice). We found out in the literature that there are lots of acids in juice of citrus fruit, so some children paid attention into this fact and raised a hypothesis, that teeth will be gnawed by acid. The other children thought that teeth which were thrown into the water will fur up (water sours when it stands still and some fur spring up).

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Test-tubes with teeth

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Water was clear and we could see the teeth

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Teeth in apple juice were unseen

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All the cruets were kept in a prominent place of the classroom, in the light. We didn’t touch the teeth during the first watch week. We took them, looked round and discussed the watch’s results in the second week. Then, we put the teeth back in the test-tubes and “forgot” about them for 2 months. The testing was completed 15th November, 2015.

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The teeth thrown into the clear water were absolutely unchanged: remained the same – white and strong, without any fur. The teeth smell unchanged, too. The teeth thrown in “Coca-cola” changed out of all recognition: they turned brown, were shrunken, crumbled…

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The teeth thrown into Sprite drink were chapped into several pieces, fur up yellow.

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The teeth thrown into orange juice were rusty, chapped and markedly shrunken, encrusted with dark fur. In all the test-tubes, except with water, the liquid was muddied, strong smell came.

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The effect of water

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The effect of orange juice

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The effect of Sprite

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The effect of Coca-cola

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After two months

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Recommendations: Medicine proposes it is healthy to drink juice. We agree with this statement. We wondered what dentists say about this: we need to drink juice, but then we must brush our teeth. Drinks with lots of preservatives, sweeteners, sugar (such things consist in lemonade) do harm to teeth, stomach (that we found out in literature). With one accord we decided and recommend to others – drink lemonade rarely, during festivals but not during all of them.

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Doing our experiment we settled: Clean water does not harm to deciduous teeth. Acid melt teeth and it is harmful. Not only lemonade does harm to teeth, but also, juice which consist acid (it is reminder – brush your teeth). If someone would like to do such experiment, we would recommend to do such watch with adult’s teeth, but not with children’s ones. Maybe, they are not in fear of lemonade effect?

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