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My membership overview As a wholesale member you have two ways to order product By placing a standard order A standard order is a onetime order Or by a loyalty rewards order A loyalty reward order is a reoccurring monthly order that can be customized, adjusted and cancelled at any time

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Compare the benefits Compare the benefits of placing an loyalty rewards order to a standard order Receive 25% discount Receive 10-30% back in free products Qualify to receive an income Receive the free product of the month Get back shipping costs in free product credits      

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Other benefits The longer you participate the more credits you earn 1 – 3 months = 10% 4 – 6 months = 15% 7 – 9 months = 20% 10 – 12 months = 25% 13+ months = 30%

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Maximize the benefits How to maximize the loyalty rewards program Maintain LRP reward points Earn reward points and increase % Earn commissions Free product of the month          

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Frequently asked questions What are Loyalty Reward Points or LRP Every time you purchase products through the Loyalty Reward program you receive Loyalty Reward Points. Loyalty reward points are free product credits like frequent flyer miles, that you can use to buy Doterra products. How do I redeem my Loyalty Reward Points? When ordering product your virtual shopping cart will give you the option of paying for products with money or Loyalty Reward Points. How do I cancel my Loyalty Reward order? Before you cancel, be sure to redeem any free product credits

Summary: Free Live Doterra webinar: This is my Doterra Powerpoint presentation, I have assessed many opportunities & the Doterra business opportunity is the only one I found that offers a free Doterra shop & no monthly fee.

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