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sedalia (8 years ago)

i loved your cyber bullying page because it gave good tips and a lot of details. from: Stacia, Taylor

sedalia (8 years ago)

I like it!

sedalia (8 years ago)

wow! This is cool! - 3H

sedalia (8 years ago)

I love how you covered everything so thoroughly! Mrs. Scott

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Cyber Bullying By: Calysta Mckinney, Bridger Clifford, Daniel Rocha, and Hannah Dennis By Calysta,Bridger,Daniel, and Hannah.

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Tips Don’t give out your password or they will get on your computer and say some things about you on your file.

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Tip Never tell anyone your password or your e-mail address. If you get a bad e-mail, tell someone you trust. Never agree to meet the person. Don’t open e-mails from cyber-bullies.

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