Health Rules and Regulations


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Health Rules and Regulations

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Why the fuss? Some people are considered “highly-susceptible” to foodborne illness Young children Because we primarily serve children, our rules may be more strict than a typical restaurant Awareness of the potential for cross contamination is extremely important!

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The use of alcohol or tobacco while on duty is NOT permitted! School Board Tobacco Free Policy prohibits the use of: e-cigarettes, tobacco, including cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, snuff, or any other matter or substances that contain tobacco and the possession of papers used to roll cigarettes.

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Basic Hygiene Rules Bathe and use deodorant daily Teeth should be clean and well-kept Chewing gum is not allowed while on duty Fingernails should be clean, moderately short and free from polish and fake nails/tips Clean cotton and/or plastic aprons are provided to protect uniforms Hair should be clean and pulled back away from the face

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Hair Restraints Hair nets or caps are required If hair extends past the cap, a hair net must be worn under the cap Facial hair must be covered with a beard net

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JEWELRY No jewelry except wedding and/or engagement rings. This includes hair jewelry, hair beads, beaded barrettes, or anything that has the potential to fall into the food. Medical ID necklaces can be worn tucked into your uniform. Please notify the manager.

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Professional Standards Of Attire

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Uniforms White uniform top, cotton, short sleeves Black bottoms Women: full length pants or knee length skirt Men: full length pants No jeans, capri pants or shorts Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle free Women wearing a skirt, must wear stockings Socks should be black. Undergarments should be flesh colored or white.

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Uniform Shoes Black. Non-skid or slip-resistant sole. Sneaker loafer, or clog; fully covers the foot and heal. Leather or leather-like material. Needs to be comfortable!

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