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sedalia (8 years ago)

good slide show about cyber bulling but could be a little louder and enthusiastic

sedalia (8 years ago)

You send a great message to the ones who bully.

sedalia (8 years ago)

nice work to all of you

sedalia (8 years ago)

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool peace out

sedalia (8 years ago)

nice job all of you but kade is best at talking from:Lauren Price

sedalia (8 years ago)

that was goood

sedalia (8 years ago)

I LIKED IT From covert

sedalia (8 years ago)

this was good advice From: julie

sedalia (8 years ago)

You guys are right about the stuff in your slideshow.

sedalia (8 years ago)

Very interesting imformation about online bullying......-4G:)

Slide 1

By Jacob,Kade,Ross,and Cody Cyber Bullying

Slide 2

Don’t write back. Never write back to a bad Email from someone you don’t know.

Slide 3

If someone sends you a bad email show your parents then you can delete it.

Slide 4

Don’t trust every one. Don’t give anyone your password or account number. Don’t reply to mean e-mails that were sent to you. Don’t talk to people you don’t know.

Slide 5

Be on the safe side. Be cautious about who you talk to, and what you say. Be careful on certain websites.

Slide 6

Don’t respond. If you get a bad email don’t respond

Slide 7

Cyber bullying

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