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sedalia (8 years ago)

wow that person is right what if that was someones e mail and they emailed that person

sedalia (8 years ago)

good video from garrett and alex

sedalia (8 years ago)

I think that you put a lot of details in to each thing that you said so that the person that was reading it could really get a feel of what you were trying to say. Nicely done!!

sedalia (8 years ago)

good but I've heard that in every video you people made.... great but i have heard the same thing every slide... i agree u did just shared your email

sedalia (8 years ago)

your class knows a ton about bullying it like magic you must have studied for ever.........................

sedalia (8 years ago)

It was a FANTASTIC slideshow!

sedalia (8 years ago)

I like it!

sedalia (8 years ago)

great!!!!!!!oh yeah its cool to Hannah chanel

Slide 1

Cyber Bullying Not excepted By Drew, Emily,Clayton,and Hannah W 5c

Slide 2

Cyber Safety Never post any personal information on any unsafe websites

Slide 3

Cyber Bullies If a bully says something bad don’t respond.

Slide 4

Cyber Bulling Don’t respond to bad emails.

Slide 5

What To Do When You Get A Bad Email? Tell an adult

Slide 6

Who Do You Tell You should tell your parents If you see it don’t delete the message just tell your parents . Don’t hide the email

Slide 7

Don’t share info The best email you should have is like kingcremson@aol.com the worst one you can have Is jimmy10@gmail.com

Slide 8

What are good websites? Destiny World Book Discover

Slide 9

When you are bullied Tell an adult

Slide 10

Never respond to bad emails A it might start a fight B you’ll get bullied even more C you’ll really be ashamed in the end. D You might get blamed for saying something really bad

Slide 11

Never send address to unknown people Never send out your address or phone-number. A It could give a bully a start on where you live. B If a bad person finds it they can come to where you live and harass you. C It could lead to a fight.

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