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sedalia (8 years ago)

you guys messed up but you guys did a good job

sedalia (8 years ago)

Thank you for the advice about fake email addresses.

sedalia (8 years ago)

I'm sure those who get bullied would appreciate your message.

sedalia (8 years ago)

we learned a lot from your video

sedalia (8 years ago)

Very extrordonary imformation!:)-4G

sedalia (8 years ago)


sedalia (8 years ago)

That was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sedalia (8 years ago)

great A++++++++++++++++++++

sedalia (8 years ago)

that tought me a good lesson. Thank u

sedalia (8 years ago)

That was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slide 1

Be safe Don't talk to people you don’t know By Sheridyn

Slide 2

Cyber bullying By Tyler You shouldn’t bully people you don’t know

Slide 3

Email bulling By: Hannah Don’t respond to a bad email

Slide 4

Trip to the doctor A person can hate a trip to the doctor Bullying can be just like a trip to the doctor.

Slide 5

E-mail account You should have a fake account like mytyL@aol.com You shouldn’t have a account like jimkent@aol.com Annekimn@hotmail.com

Slide 6

E-mails If you get a bad e-mail TELL A PERSON YOU KNOW and trust Don’t respond to bad e-mails

Slide 8

Group members By: Hannah.S, Merinda, Sheridyn, Tyler.S

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