A Family's Best Easy Mango Juice Bally Chohan Recipe


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A Family's Best Easy Mango Juice Bally Chohan Recipe Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com

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A Family's Best Easy Mango Juice Bally Chohan Recipe Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com If you are looking for an easy mango juice recipe, in this presentation you will find some great tips provided by Bally Chohan Recipe on how to making delicious mango juice at home.

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The mangoes season are in the corner & before you're really into its crest get yourselves prepared with how to make the yummy mango juice. You can easily make this healthy mango juice with just a small number of ingredients. If you want to make it taste delightful you will have to add as much rich content to it as you want in order to make it that flavorful. Mango juice can be served as a force drink in the morning with the break-fast or it can be served as nibble at night as well. Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com

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2 Mangoes 5 Tbsp Sugar 3 Cup Milk 2 Tbsp Fresh Cream (Optional) 1 Tsp Honey (Optional) 3-4 Ice Cubes Optional Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com Ingredients

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Peel the mangoes and make small dices. Use only the pulp. Grind it using a grinder. Add the milk and again grind it making it like a smoothie. Add sugar, fresh cream, honey and ice cube. Grind it for half a minute so that it mixes well. Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com Method

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Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com

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Serve it chilled in the glasses and place a flower petal on top as topping. You can also put a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt in the glass with the mango milk shake. It will add on to the taste and will be delightful. Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com

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Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com Nutritive Value Per Serving

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Visit us: http://ballychohanrecipe.com

Summary: Are you searching for a simple mango juice recipe? Visit the online place, BallyChohanRecipe.com! This is a professional presentation provided by Bally Chohan Recipe, where you will find some awesome tips on how to making tasty mango juice at home.

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