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Jinghong Song An Author Jinghong Song has written countless articles on the subject of finance. Now though, he is branching off into other territories. He has even published a romance novel, and promises to publish another book, one he hopes will help establish his name in fiction writing. With a few successful publications in life coaching, a successful fiction novel may be coming soon.

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Jinghong Song How to Be a Better Writer Jinghong Song has led a successful writing career, due in part to his career in finance writing, as well as his successful series of life coaching books. Writing is a discipline and craft, one that takes time to cultivate. No matter how good of a writer you are, there is always room for improvement.Jinghong Song is a respected finance writer with a substantial following both online and in news print. He has built this following because he offers poignant perspective and advice in finance that have allowed many to have a healthier bank account.

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Jinghong Song Introduction to Financial Writing Jinghong Song has not just made a successful career out of his life coaching book series, but is also a respected financial writer. Financial writing is a field where a writer creates educational commentary in the finance field. These publications are usually made with the purpose of appearing in a web publication or print piece. The piece is meant to interpret the latest finance news from the perspective of the writer.

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Jinghong Song A Sports Lover One of the things that Jinghong Song is passionate about other than writing, is sports. He has been a big sports fan for most of his life, interested specifically in football and baseball. His favorite football team is the Denver Broncos. For baseball, he is a fan of his local team, the Kansas City Royals. Mr. Song enjoys watching a good game with friends and family.

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THANK YOU... For more details visit at : https://www.behance.net/jinghongsong https://soundcloud.com/jinghong-song https://jinghongsong.wordpress.com/ https://about.me/jinghongsong

Summary: Jinghong Song is a man with many unique hobbies and interests. On top of being a finance writer and successful author of many life coaching books, he is also a known foodie. In particular, Mr. Song has a love affair with BBQ. That is in part due to the fact that he lives in Kansas City, MO, which is one of the most competitive BBQ places around.

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