PDLC smart glass Lamination guide


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PDLC smart glass Lamination instruction 1. Glass will need to be bigger than the PDLC smart film 2. Each side the glass will need to be 3mm bigger than the PDLC Film(As picture) 3. For Example: Glass Size: 1000mm*2000mm, Then PDLC Film size: 994mm*1994mm 4. In this way, glass can better protect the PDLC film after lamination, and the finished product will be more stable. Smart glass lamination process parameters Notice: All the data are the test parameters just for reference. The final produce data depends on the customer data of your own after you test in your own factory. More details please contact: mukialzhang@gmail.com mukial@huichiglass.com Guangzhou Huichi Glass Technical Co., Ltd www.huichiglass.com 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm PDLC SMART FILM GLASS

Summary: How to laminate smart switchable glass?

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