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How old was he when he died? A: 54 B: 53 C: 51 D: 52

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2.How many lines are there in a poem? “ A: 10 B: 12 C: 14 D: 16

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3. What county did Shakespeare live in? A: Cornwall B: Yorkshire C: Lincolnshire D:Warwickshire

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4. When did he write “Romeo and Juliet”? A: 1593 B: 1596 C: 1595 D: 1600

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5. When did he finish “Hamlet”? A: 1595 B: 1596 C: 1601 D: 1600

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6. Tybalt is the nephew of A: Montague B:Lady Montague C: Capulet D: Lady Capulet

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7. How old is Lady Capulet? A: older than 30 B: 26-20 C: younger than 20 D: 30-27

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8.What is the name of Romeo’s bride? A: Rosa B: Juliet C: Rosaline D: Rosalinda

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9.Who marries Romeo and Juliet? A:Friar Laurence B: The nurse C: Friar John D: Friar Benvolio

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10. Who gives the poison to Romeo? A: An Apothecary B: Friar Laurence C: Friar John D: Capulet

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11. How much does the poison cost(ducat)? A: 500 B: 1 200 C: 1000 D: for free

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12. Who agrees to marry Cordelia after King Lear has disinherited her? A: Duke of Albany B: Earl of Kent C: Duke of Cornwall D: King of France

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13. Who has the courage to call King Lear a fool? A: Fool B: Edmund C: Edgar D: Oswald

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14.Who devotes himself to the King? A: Caius B: Earl of Kent C: Glouster D: King of France

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15.Who played King’s Lear part? A: Tõnu Kark B: Lembit Ulfsak C: Juri Järvet D: Rain Simmul

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16.Where does the play(Hamlet) take place? A: England B: Norway C: Sweden D: Denmark

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17.How much time does it take Claudius and Gertrude to get married (after King’s death)? A: three months B: less than two months C: a little bit more than one month D: five months

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18.Where is Ophelia’s corpse found? A: in the room B: in the forest C: in the yard D: in the water

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19.”To be or not to be”,Hamlet says these words looking at? A: a skull B: Claudius C: his mother D: a cloud

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20.What are Hamlet friends’ names? A: Francisco and Bernardo B: Joyse and Murdoch C: Rosencrants and Guidenstern D: Marcellus and Dickens

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Summary: Shakespeare

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