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Personal Protection Dogs A Rising S dog is a great solution for guarding your safety and the things that mean the most to you?  Trained in protection bite sports and finished by the same techniques and methods used for police service dogs; Rising S dogs are selfless companions that put your safety and well being above their own.

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Guard Dogs Rising S hand selects every dog we have from proven European bloodlines.  This insures the intelligence and the drive that is needed to produce top quality dogs.

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Personal Protection Dogs For Sale Our training goes far beyond the standard Schutzhund or IPO sport training. Every dog is trained to for your protection and finished with methods used in police dog certifications.

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Executive Protection Dogs Rising S K9 was formed from a passion for protection and security.  Clyde Scott has been in the business of protecting families for more than a decade.  With a devotion to family security; Clyde started with underground bunkers, safe rooms and storm shelters more than 10 years ago.

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Personal Protection Dogs Reserve your puppy today visit our website:

Summary: Visit this site for more information on Personal Protection Dogs. Personal security and protection should always be among your primary concerns. Whether the crime rates in your area is on the rise or not, it is always best to be on the safe side and invest your own safety. In this regard, perhaps you have already heard about many people getting personal protection dogs.Follow us:

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