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Geological Engineering Geological Engineering Author By  :  Luis Gonzalez de Vallejo, Mercedes Ferrer (Editor) Edition Language : English Published : January 10th 2011 Page : 678 pages Format : PDF,Kindle,Epub,Mobile Reader

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Geological Engineering Summary : A thorough knowledge of geology is essential in the design and construction of infrastructures for transport, buildings and mining operations; while an understanding of geology is also crucial for those working in urban, territorial and environmental planning and in the prevention and mitigation of geohazards. Geological Engineering provides an interpretation of the geological setting, integrating geological conditions into engineering design and construction, and provides engineering solutions that take into account both ground conditions and environment. This textbook, extensively illustrated with working examples and a wealth of graphics, covers the subject area of geological engineering in four sections: Fundamentals: soil mechanics, rock mechanics and hydrogeology Methods: site investigations, rock mass characterization and engineering geological mapping Applications: foundations, slope stability, tunnelling, dams and reservoirs and earth works Geohazards: landslides, other mass movements, earthquake hazards and prevention and mitigation of geological hazards.

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