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MailVU Mariya Georgieva, Educational Technology Today

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What is it? MailVU’s free video sharing application makes it easy to record and send full length videos via Video Text or Video Email to anyone, anywhere. You do not have to be subscriber to use the free app. There are no advertisement. If you have a mailvu account login from the configuration screen and enjoy the benefit of saving videos to your private online account; mailVU’s Business Plan and Business Pro plan allow to costomize the branding on the video messages; mailVU videos are streamed to the recipient so they do not consume storage space. Automatic encoding is performed to ensure your videos play on any computers, smartphone or tablet;

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What is it? Key features: Unique self-destruct option deletes your videos after a set number of views or number of days; Record video of any length and email to friends and family; Send videos from your phone/tablet library through text or email; No large files to fill your inbox, mailVU stores and stream the videos; Auto-format conversion so the recipient will be able to view it on any device; When logged in, saved videos go to your online account dashboard.

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Why? Educational institutions have used mailVU for private teacher-students video sharing and for school marketing; mailVU integrates easily into Learning Management Systems including Moodle, Angel and Blackboard; Some children feel uncomfortable when they have to present their ideas in front of their classmates. This app gives them the option to do the activity on their own and then send it to the teacher without being embarrasssed; You can test their knowledge and be sure that they haven’t copied their classmates ideas;

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How? Practical ideas Students can do different tasks: To take a video describing their house or flat; To get them do different actions to show understanding of vocabulary; To tell the other about their family; They can do different scientific experiments following instructions; Advanced learners can work on different projects visisting museum and galleries;

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Challenges You have to be on the internet all the time

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Overall It is an app which is easy to use and gives opportunities for individual and group tasks in different school subjects.

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