2009-2010 Is That Fair 2nd and 3rd Grade


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We got a general sense in the room of how many students have a penguin at Club Penguin.

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We got a general sense in the room of how many students have a penguin at Webkinz.

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We learned that most students find setting up rooms for penguins and pets to be a five-star activity.

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We found that most student would feel one-star angry about having someone change their electronic rooms or sell their electronic items.

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We discovered hidden behind the image on the bottom of the screen keys with the words User Name and Password. We talked about how the combination of the two keep our games safe online.

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Most students realized that anyone can have your user name. You should not give away private information about yourself online. Websites like Club Penguin and Webkinz help us by having monitors who make sure you are not giving away private information. Depending upon your account settings, you are limited to only use prewritten answers to questions.

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Most students realized that your parents should always have your password to everything.

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We had a discussion that friends should not have your password. No matter how special and how good your friends are…a password is private.

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We found that the answer to this question is maybe. It depends on what your parents say. Some students have younger siblings. They help their brothers and sisters and have their passwords. Some students have older siblings. Their brothers and sisters help them with their passwords.

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The parents should have the final say in whether brothers or sisters should have their password.

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Credits Images from ActivInspire Ideas in computer ethics from CyberSmart: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/cyberbullying/lessons/2-3/is_that_fair/ Club Penguin and Webkinz screen captures are used in a transformative way under Fair Use.

Summary: These slides were used with ActiVotes and content from the Be CyberSmart web site's Is That Fair activity: http://cybersmartcurriculum.org/cyberbullying/lessons/2-3/is_that_fair/

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