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III - References to Beatles songs V V II - Video version V V I - Slideshare Version V V FREE AS A BIRD II (Interactive version)

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The video won the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video. It was produced by Vincent Joliet and directed by Joe Pytka (Space Jam) and depicts, from the point of view of a bird in flight, many references to other Beatles songs and events. Sixties-era footage of The Beatles

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Free As A Bird The video for the new Beatles song "Free As A Bird" (FAAB) has been driving Beatles fans nuts, as they try to find all the references to other Beatle songs, events, and places. This is a reference work, showing stills of all the references I've been able to find. I hope you enjoy it. David Fell

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The sound of a bird's wings is heard both on this video and on the original version of "Across the Universe." 0:00:10

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The opening sound effects and flight effects throughout could represent "Flying," "And Your Bird Can Sing," "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)," "Blue Jay Way," and "Blackbird." 0:04:06

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"In My Life," the lads as lads. Top row, John, George and Ringo. Bottom row Paul. 0:08:27

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Fly and butterfly may represent "Flying" 0:16:07

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More of the lads as lads. Left to right, Paul, John, Ringo, & George. There's an "Old Brown Shoe" in front of George. 0:17:14

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The cat. "I'm Only Sleeping" 0:21:08

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"Here Comes the Sun" 0:24:01

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Liverpool's River Mersey There are places I'll remember. "In My Life" 0:28:12

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Royal Liver Buildings (pronounced Lye-ver) 0:29:11

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Liverpool Docks 0:32:22

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John Paul George & Ringo with the crowd in the "Rain" 0:39:04

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The Cavern Club. The bouncer has a flat top "Come Together" 0:48:13

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The Its very hard to see the top half of the girl who's waiting in the doorway to enter the Cavern. This leads some to tell her "I'm Looking Through You" 0:50:25

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The Beatles perform "Some Other Guy" at the Cavern 0:54:21

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Police restrain fans from approaching the Beatles 1:02:03

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Strawberry Field, "Strawberry Fields Forever" 1:08:10

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Who's this at Strawberry Field? John? "Mother Nature's Son?" 1:10:18

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Silver Hammer Hardware Store, from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" 1:15:29

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See how they run, "Lady Madonna" 1:20:14

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Foreground: "I Want To Hold Your Hand" Background: I am the eggman, "I Am the Walrus" Above the Eggman's truck is a sign that says Ringo. 1:21:27

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Paul, Ringo & George cross the street 1:25:17

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Anybody got a bit of money? Ah ah, Mister Wilson, ah ah, Mister Heath; "Taxman" 1:27:29

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Ringo 1:29:14

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Paul 1:30:20

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George 1:31:15

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John 1:32:12

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At left, a barrow in the marketplace "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" At right, the barber, "Penny Lane" 1:34:18

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A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray, "Penny Lane" 1:36:10

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And though she feels as if she's in a play, "Penny Lane" 1:39:21

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Every head he's had the pleasure to know. Notice photo of the Beatles in foreground of window. "Penny Lane" 1:41:18

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The Barber, "Penny Lane" 1:44:22

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I'll have another cigarette, "I'm So Tired" 1:44:04

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"Help" on a sign in the window. Mandy Rice-Davies & Christine Keeler, the ladies of the 1963 Profumo scandal in Britain. Some have suggested that Rice-Davies, in the shiny black coat, may be "Polythene Pam." 1:48:16

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Ringo stands in the door of the "Penny Lane" bakery 1:52:15

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John & Yoko answer the eternal question, "Why Don't We Do It In the Road?" 1:54:04

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John, Paul, Ringo & George 1:56:01

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The address, 51, is in the upper right. What does it mean? 1:59:05

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On the right, the future cover of Anthology 3 (almost certainly) 1:59:27

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In the center, an early look at the cover of Anthology 2 2:00:20

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At the left, the cover of Anthology 1 2:01:17

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You say its your "Birthday." The cake has two digits on it, "When I'm Sixty-Four" 2:05:14

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George arrives at Apple headquarters 2:10:17

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Dr. Robert's office, conveniently located at 3 Saville Row 2:14:23

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Ringo has his camera 2:20:02

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A crowd of people stood and stared, including John. "A Day In the Life" 2:24:02

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He blew his mind out in a car. "A Day In the Life." You were in a car crash. "Don't Pass Me By" The license plate is either YEE 7 or YFE 7. One suggestion was that it means "Wifey 7," and refers to the seven Beatle wives. 2:27:15

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He likes to keep his fire engine clean. It's a clean machine. "Penny Lane" 2:29:08

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Pretty policeman standing in a row, "I Am the Walrus" 2:30:20

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I go back to the top of the slide, "Helter Skelter" 2:39:02

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"Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite" 2:40:00

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The ladder leads up to a leg disappearing where "She Came In Through the Bathroom Window; 2:45:01

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The flowers that grow so incredibly high "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" 2:48:13

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"Piggies" also See how they run like pigs from a gun, "I Am the Walrus" 2:55:01

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Like a Lizard on a Window Pane "Happiness is a Warm Gun" 2:58:18

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"Paperback Writer" and the clock reads 10:10, which is "One After 909" 3:02:29

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John, a bowl of shiny green Granny Smith apples, and the Beatles on Sullivan. Also a newspaper headline about 4,000 holes found in Blackburn, Lancashire, "A Day In the Life". And a box of "Savoy Truffle." On the floor, to the right of the truffles, is a portrait of the Queen, "Penny Lane" & "Her Majesty" 3:09:08

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On the window, a picture of Chairman Mao "Revolution" 3:12:04

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A blue meanie peeks out while the man is "Fixing a Hole" 3:14:18

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On the left side of the street, being walked is "Hey Bulldog" 3:21:12

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Newspaper taxis appear "Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds" 3:22:26

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She goes out "For No One, " and carrying pictures of Chairman Mao "Revolution" And Max, the Blue Meanie, does an encore. Sleeps in a hole in the road, "Mean Mr. Mustard" Does this mean that the Meanie's full name is Max Mustard? 3:24:20

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John & Yoko waltz, from "I Me Mine" segment of Let It Be Bus at end of street from Magical Mystery Tour 3:26:13

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Bungalow Bill, his elephant and gun, in case of accidents he always took his mom. "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" Ringo is at right. 3:35:14

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I guessed he was Ravi Shankar, but he's probably not. Lets just say he represents the influence of Indian music. 3:42:17

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Brian Epstein puts on his scarf to leave, "I Don't Want To Spoil The Party" 3:49:00

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"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 3:50:06

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Stu Sutcliffe on the James Dean cutout, and, I thought, the Maharishi Mahash Yogi. It's not Ram Dass, as someone suggested. Turns out ol' Ram is American. 3:52:09

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Mother Mary from "Let It Be" or "Lady Madonna" 3:59:02

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"Eleanor Rigby." September 12th. The song was certified US Gold on September 12, 1966. Another odd suggestion is this obscure song from the Broadway musical "Hair." 4:01:14

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Father Mackenzie from "Eleanor Rigby" 4:02:26

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"Martha My Dear" and Father Mackenzie 4:04:04

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"The Fool on the Hill" "She's Leaving Home" "The Long and Winding Road" 4:08:25

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"Lovely Rita," filling in a ticket in her little black book. 4:15:08

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Abbey Road 4:21:07

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Paul in A Hard Day's Night 4:32:11

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John & George in A Hard Day's Night 4:32:24

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Ringo in A Hard Day's Night 4:33:17

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A man and his dog. What does it mean? 4:40:08

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The curtain falls, "The End." The performer plays a Banjo-Uke, and is George Formby, a British music hall performer of the 30s & 40s. Formby was known to say "it's turned out nice again," which is the backwards message heard at the end of the song. 4:49:08

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Images are ©1995 Apple Corps Limited Descriptions ©1995 &1996 David Fell For research purposes only. Publishing for profit is expressly prohibited.

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