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Our thoroughly connected mechanical rationale of keeping up low unit cost yield when contrasted and whatever remains of Europe is conveyed in the most hygienic conditions. Overview-Shaheen Corporation Shaheen Corporation is one of the main foil compartment makers in India. Our central command in India is reason constructed and builds up new gauges for the entire bundling industry to take after.

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The Shaheen Corporation workforce is focused on the achievement of our endeavor, and we release our natural obligations altogether. We are extremely pleased with our business and our notoriety. As a Shaheen Corporation client, you don't need to request focused cost, quality, dependability and administration - you have a privilege to them, and you can hope to get them from our first day of exchanging. Overview-Shaheen Corporation

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Organization History The new organization name, Shaheen Corporation, speaks to the groundbreaking nature of the business. Initially established quite a long while back, we have developed to incorporate generation offices on a huge site in the India.

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Overview-Shaheen Corporation

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Overview-Shaheen Corporation

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Overview-Shaheen Corporation Contact Us Company : SHAHEEN CORPORATION Shaheen Aluminium & Containers Pvt. Ltd. Address : 904, 9th floor, Shakuntla Building , Nehru Place New Delhi-110019 Phone : +91-11-41038237 Customer Care : +91-08130786705 Email : Website :

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Overview-Shaheen Corporation Thank you

Summary: Shaheen Corporation is a reputed company in india and produce aluminium foil paper and containers with us you can buy aluminium product. For more information about our business visit on

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