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SHAHEEN CORPORATION Aluminium & Containers Pvt. Ltd.

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About Company Shaheen Corporation is one of the main foil compartment makers in India. Shaheen Corporation is Indian's greatest exhaustive packaging material organization

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Shaheen Corporation is giving the best quality and innovation to experience the name of Shaheen Corporation Brand. Shaheen Corporation is delivering assorted items including Aluminum foil, printed packaging materials and folded cardboard boxes.

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We bring various products for you : Aluminium Foils Tissues Container

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Aluminium Foils Good for daily food packing stuff Jolly Aluminium 9 Metre Foil Jolly Aluminium 18 Metre Foil Jolly Aluminium 72 Metre Foil Jolly Aluminium 500 Gram Gross Jolly Aluminium 1 Kg Gross Jolly Aluminium 1 Kg Net Foil

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Tissues Face Tissue - Very soft tissue of virgin quality Paper Napkins - Luxurious finish and beautiful embossing. Looks and feels like cloth napkins. Toilet Rolls - Virgin quality pulps for its softness and soaking capacity . 

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Container Versatile packing solutions that preserves both taste and freshness Foil Container 120ml Foil Container 250ml Foil Container 450ml Foil Container 670ml Foil Container 750ml

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Contact us: Company : SHAHEEN CORPORATION Shaheen Aluminium & Containers Pvt. Ltd. Address : 904, 9th floor, Shakuntla Building , Nehru Place New Delhi-110019 Phone : +91-11-41038237 Customer Care : +91-08130786705 Email :

Summary: Shaheen corporation is one of the main foil compartment makers in India. There is available of aluminium foils, tissues, napkins of best quality at reasonable rate. For more details visit us:

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