2.Classification and Nomenclature of drugs


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Classification and Nomenclature of drugs BY : Dr.Roshini Murugupillai

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Classification of drugs There is no homogenous system for classifying drugs Drugs may be classified by : Body system e.g. cardiovascular, alimentary Therapeutic use e.g. receptor blockers, enzyme inhibitors Mode or site of action Molecular interaction Cellular site Molecular structure e.g. alkaloid, steroid

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Drug Nomenclature Chemical name It describes the substance chemically Paracetamol is N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-acetamide Propranolol is 1-isopropylamino-3-naphthyloxy propan-2-ol It is cumbersome and not suitable for use in prescribing Non-proprietary name It is the name accepted by a competent scientific body such as the United States Adopted Name (USAN) Council The non-proprietary names of newer drugs are uniform all over the world by an international agreement through WHO via International Nonproprietary Name (INN)

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Proprietary name It is the name assigned by the manufacturers and is their property or trade mark One drug may have multiple proprietary names e.g. Atenolol : ALTOL ATCARDIL ATECOR ATEN BETACARD LONOL TENOLOL TENORMIN

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Example : INN : Paracetamol BAN(British Approved Name) : Paracetamol United states adopted name (USAN) : Acetaminophen Proprietary names : PANADOL PANAMEX CALPOL CROSIN TYLENOL ATASOL Chemical name : N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-acetamide

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