Multiple Representations of Understanding through Digital Media


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Multiple Representations of Understanding through Digital Media

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Clif Mims ID: clifmims Join my PLN and let’s learn together.

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Instructional Design and Technology Certificate Technology Integration Graduate Degrees Library Sciences Program Instructional Design & Technology

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All materials are available online:

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Opening Discussion Small groups, then whole group: How do you currently assess student understanding/mastery? Is there much variety? How do you integrate technology into your classroom? Do you integrate technology with assessment?

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It’s not about the technology. It’s about learning.

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Digital Media in the Classroom

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Cartoon Examples My Science Fair Project (The Water Cycle) Visual History of Instructional Design

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The Gift of Time

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Glogster Examples Polar Bears Arctic Fox Oral Language and Reading Success

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Vuvox Examples Deconstructing Doha Dominoe Story Dominoe (A retelling of the Dominoe Story)

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The Gift of Time

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Audio Examples First Day of Preschool Dear Mrs. Estep…

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VoiceThread Examples Jose, the Travel Bear Triangle Scavenger Hunt

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The Gift of Time

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Video Example Star Wars and Shakespeare (Twelfth Knight)

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Animated Video Examples French Lesson for Beginners Facts about Hunger in Children The First Derivative of a Function

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The Gift of Time

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The preposterously easy way to post everything online using email.

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Posterous Examples Let’s Post Something! Photos, .Doc, .Ppt, Audio, Video, and more Can use embed codes Has RSS Teaching & Learning with Web 2.0 (Group Blog)

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The Gift of Time

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Follow-up Discussion Discuss using these kinds of activities and projects in the classroom. Are there any benefits? Are there any disadvantages? How realistic would this be in your teaching situation? How do you think the students would react to being assessed with these kinds of strategies?

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Handing It in What would you submit?

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Another Option You could complete one of these representations (audio) for this unit. Then use a different one (cartoon) for the next.

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Extension Discussion Let’s brainstorm some other strategies for allowing students to represent their ideas through multiple modes.

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Other Possible Strategies Drama, News Anchor Presentation Photo Essay Art Collage Create a Game Timeline ???

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Although teachers may not be comfortable using technology it is important to consider allowing students to use it to communicate their understanding as they are often more naturally able to more fully express themselves with digital media.

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Related Resources The following workshop resources may be helpful. Multiple Representations of Mathematic Understanding Multiple Representations of Language Arts Understanding

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It’s not about the technology. It’s about learning.

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Presentation materials and many other teacher resources available at

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Clif Mims ID: clifmims Join my PLN and let’s learn together.

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Summary: With freely available digital technologies students can demonstrate their understanding of course content in multiple ways (images, audio, video, presentations, artwork, and more). Each student’s end product (learning artifact) allows them to personally self-express their mastery of the content.

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