The Ugly Duckling


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The Ugly Duckling Cira Roig Galdón. Primer de Grau d’Educació Infantil. UIB (seu d’Eivissa). 22033: Llengua Anglesa: Aspectes Formals i Comunicatius.

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Once upon a time there was a mother duck and a father duck. They were waiting for the birth of their little chicks. After a long time they began to break the egg shells: firstly one was born, then another, the next was the third and after it the fourth. All of the chicks were small and yellow. The mother and father ducks were very happy, but there was still one missing to get out of the shell.

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When the fifth chick was born the duck parents were surprised, because the last chick wasn’t like the others. This chick was white and bigger than the others. The duck parents were a little confused and they started to argue. When they had calmed down the father duck went for a walk and the mother duck went to the lake with her four ducklings.

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Then the last duckling decided to follow the mother duck and his brothers. But when he went to play with his brothers they didn’t want to play with him, because he was different and they began to call him the “ugly duckling”. The ugly duckling was very sad, so he went to find other animals that wanted to be his friends.

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He looked and looked, but all animals were different from him and none of them wanted to play with him. The duckling was very sad and started to cry and cry. Suddenly, a mother swan that had listened to him crying, called him. The ugly duckling could not believe it. In front of him there was a mother swan with four chicks that were like him.

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The ugly duckling was very happy, because he had found his family: a mother and four brothers swans. He never felt sad again, because he had found his real family that accepted him as he was.

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The End.