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Welcome to Spice n Grilled Foods Pvt. Ltd. DAHI KABAB | VEG NUGGETS | VEG WINGS | MALAI CHAAP ROLLS & MORE..

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Spice n Grilled Foods Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2012 in the heart of the country Delhi with the vision of providing hygienic and tasty food. At SGF we take out a leaf from the culinary extravaganzas of the “Grill & Flame” and brings to you a “repast” of Indian food. We are highly popular because of its exotic spices, delicate herbs with vegetables. Serving vast range of Chaaps & Rolls along wither other delicious vegetarian foods. Give your hunger an unforgettable Spicy, & Hot taste to reveal the secret of Indian foods. About US }

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SGF has received The Award for EXCELLENCE In the Industry. Mr. Ashwani Ahuja Mr. Kewal Ahuja Receiving the award from Metta’s Club

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OVERALL STRATEGY What Financial strategy we are looking for? Improve operating efficiency & increase gains. Improve enterprise’s overall financial health. What business strategy we must follow? Understand & fulfil customer’s taste and preferences. Provide takeaways, home delivery & dining facility. How can we sustain changing & improving business environment? Hire Key Technical talent Implement trainings. Align personal goals Constant analysis of market’s taste & preferences. What market strategy we will follow? One lac leaflets will be distributed in the \within 3 Km surrounding area. Inserting pamphlets & advertisement in local newspaper. Local T.V adds.

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GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Ensure customer satisfaction and build a repeat-customer base. Improve our position in the local market and strengthen our brand. It also allows us to interact with people on a daily basis. A developed marketing program. Promoted through radio and newspaper advertising, posters, and the yellow pages. Coupons will be issued for the family dining section to encourage immediate sales. A person who is active in the community can promote the restaurant through his affiliation with many groups and organizations. 10% discount will be applied to seniors to attract that market. Great Foods Requires A Lot of Care & Attention

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STRENGTH ANALYSIS All the members of management team are properly qualified for this sector. We have adequate knowledge about renowned restaurant services provided globally. We with our profound experience in this sector know how to provide customer satisfaction within a reasonable rate with the highest quality. And also we are well equipped with the facilities to provide take away & home delivery for residential & offices during lunch & dinner hours .

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LOCATED IN DENSE AREA : Unit will be located in the midst of dense market & colonies with students constituting the major population. Our market constitutes collage students & teenagers who are sensitive to taste and health, and since our rates are reasonable so they are very well affordable. MARKET ANALYSIS : TARGET AREA : All corporate offices within 03 Km range from the unit. All residential apartments within 03 Km range from the unit.

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BUSINESS GROWTH Anticipating the market’s trend, and the quality of service we provide we expect the modest growth over the coming years. The financials account for the following growth projections: Great Foods Requires A Lot of Care & Attention 8% 10% 12% 12% YEAR : 2 YEAR : 3 YEAR : 4 YEAR : 5

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INVESTMENT IS BROADLY DIVIDED IN THREE HEADS:- Physical Infra Structure Franchisee Fee Human Resource These heads does not include security deposit of the shop, taken by franchisee. Infra Structure Details (Projected) : Continue…

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Infra Structure Details (Projected) :

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Infra Structure Details (Projected) : - NOTE - Exhaust and fresh air ducting (@65 Rs/ Sq. Ft as per area defined) Air Conditioner 60,000 (If required) Corian on pick up counter @ 850/Sq. Ft.(If required). BRAND FEE - SGF Foods Pvt. Ltd. will be charging brand fee of 8,00,000 HUMAN RESOURCES – We have hired Chefs (3 Nos.), Cashiers (1 Nos.), supervisors (1 Nos.) Delivery Boys (2 Nos.)Waiters (2 Nos.) & Helpers (3 Nos.) Project Scale : Daily Lunch / Dinner Sale : 20,000 | Monthly Sale : 600,000 (After 3 Months

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OPERATIONAL MANUAL Restaurant operations will start from 10.00 am The turnaround time for services would depend upon the location of the pertaining area and segregation for the operations is as follows: Expected demand at Corporate Offices & Residential Area :- 12.00Hrs-23Hrs Food supply will be from base kitchen only (Gastronome pan / Containers to be used for delivering food). Non-sticky fry pan will be used to prepare the food order. Food will be presented in Plastic/Aluminum containers in the delivery from a choice. The takeaway menu will be displayed. Provision for seating arrangement is provided. Standing tables to be used for customers. Disposal crockery to be used always in the premises. Cleanliness will be done by sweepers. Kitchen hygiene should be maintained. Continue…

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Food from base kitchen has to be received by 11.00-12 Noon. Chutney, vinegar, onion, tandoori, salad should be pre packed in pouches while receiving from base kitchen. All the curry and the tandoori items dispatching from base kitchen must be packed in 5Ltr. Pan/3Ltr. Tray which are more convenient for storage / reheating. Rumali roti, seasoning sachet, mouth freshener paper napkin will be delivered along the order accordingly. OPERATIONAL MANUAL Restaurant operations will start from 10.00 am The turnaround time for services would depend upon the location of the pertaining area and segregation for the operations is as follows:

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TAKE AWAY/HOME DELIVERY PROCEDURE Supervisor will attend the phone. They will take the order on rough pad & will take the complete details like address, Phone Nos., near by land mark than order will be placed in form of K.O.T system with daily order Sl. No. and time. The Tandoori section/Gravy section K.O.T will go inside the kitchen/curry. And order will be dispatched from display Bain Marie/Handi/Tawa only. Kitchen curry section will operate only reheating purpose. Tandoori section will deliver there order within 10 minutes to delivery counter along with K.O.T back. Cashier will be raising the bill in duplicate, one as office copy & other as customer copy. There will be four delivery boys with vehicles. All delivery boys should have mobile phone for communication. The office copy is to be stamped after receiving the money. Continue…

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SGF (Spice n Grilled Foods Pvt. Ltd.)  Offering healthier food based on nutrient by-products of Soya. SGF is committed to provide unmatchable taste & quality within reasonable rates. All ingredients of the product are 100% vegetable. The business has proven revenue model and self sustainability within a year. We are now looking to expand through franchise model. Interested individuals can take this opportunity to grow as a business owner. Why Franchise With Us ? Great Foods Requires A Lot of Care & Attention

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Our Number of Outlets is an Another Reason to Take Our Franchise. It shows that how people love us and how much they like our taste. Chandigarh Sec-34C Najafgarh Delhi Rajouri Garden Delhi Karol Bagh Delhi GurunanakPura Delhi Rohini Sec-3 Delhi Rohini Sec-22 Delhi Geeta Colony Delhi Dwarka Sec-10 Delhi Prashant Vihar Delhi Rohini Sec-17 Delhi Vijay Nagar Delhi Ashok Vihar Delhi Pitampura Delhi Mukherjee Nagar Delhi

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CONTACT US 011- 6500-8787 I-35, Mahendra Park, New Delhi - 110033 Thank You!

Summary: SGF is providing tasty & delicious vegetarian food. We have various mouthwatering recipes in our kitchen. Come & have your favorite meal here and make it a memorable moment in a healthy atmosphere.

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