Chuvashia region open to investors


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9th place in the National Rating among the subjects of the Russian Federation 3rd place among the the subjects of the Volga Federal District Investment attractiveness of the Chuvash Republic Electrotechnical Chemical Mechanical Engineering Building and Construction Food and Pharmaceutical Tourism and Recreation Branches, attractive for investments Area – 18 300 sq. km. Capital – Cheboksary Population – 1 236,6 thousand people.

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3 Federal highways Train system International Airport Access to the sea on the North and the South of the River Waterway Transport infrastructure of the Republic

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Political stability in the region High industrial potential Developed engineering, social and transport infrastructure Skilled human resources Favorable environmental situation Developed system of state support of investment activity Tax incentives and formed investment platforms Openness of the Republic to the dialogue with international partners 4 Competitive advantages of the Chuvash Republic

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Staff training system of the Chuvash Republic 5 Scientific infrastructure Competence centers Branch "Yamazaki Mazak" Ltd. in Cheboksary Regional Engineering Center of the Chuvash Republic Certification, standardization and testing Center Industrial Parks Academy of Electrotechnical Sciences of the Chuvash Republic Directions of the preparation: Electrical Engineering Computer Engineering Radio Electronics Engineering and Metalworking 19 higher educational institutions 38 300 students Inter-regional center of educational competences in Electrotechnical direction WorldSkills

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Staff training on the most popular disciplines and professions Trade Middle management specialties Higher education

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Enterprises in the region are ready to cooperate with Japanese corporations

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Strategic partnership Russian Railways RUSNANO RusHydro Gazprom KamAZ Rossetti, FGC UES Rosatom GAS

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Core competencies Priority development of the industry of the Republic Mechanical engineering and metal working Electrical Chemical industry Biotechnology 9 CHUVASHIA - LAND FOR INTRODUCTION OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES

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10 Main production: Machine-building complex of the Chuvash Republic Share in the total volume of shipped products manufacturing industries for the 1st quarter of 2016 - 42,8% Number of employees in the industry - 37.3 thousand people

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11 Electrical cluster of the Chuvash Republic More than 15 large companies More than 100 000 articles More than 70 years of experience More than 15,000 highly skilled workers and scientific base of training Shipping of advanced products to the countries both near and far abroad Inter-regional center of educational competencies in perspective Electrotechnical direction WorldSkills

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Devices of switching and protection of electrical circuits Low-voltage complete devices Instruments and apparatus for monitoring and measuring electrical quantities Drive engineering Apparatus and instruments for measuring, monitoring and test DC Boards Instruments and apparatus for automatic regulation and control Current production organizations of electrical cluster

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13 Main production: Chemical Industry of the Chuvash Republic Share in total manufacturing industries for the 1st quarter of 2016 - 16.3% Number of employees in the industry - 6.1 thousand people.

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Placing the production of cable harnesses for cars in Cheboksary of the Chuvash Republic (Japan) Projects with foreign capital Production of acrylic and whirlpools, sanitary wares Roca Group (Italy) Plant for the production of ketchup and sauces (Germany) Production of thin-film photo-conversion modules based on production line of the company Oerlikon Solar (Switzerland) Production of equipment and systems for electricity (Serbia) Modernization of equipment for the production of pipe fittings (Italy)

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1st place in the Russian rating on value of "Innovation activities" index of the regions (published in 2015 by the Higher School of Economics) 5 th place in the composite ranking of regions by the level of innovation development of economy of the Higher School of Economics Network of youth innovative creativity centers (Cheboksary - 3 centers, Shumerlya) Certification, standardization and testing Center in the Chuvash Republic Сity industrial park in Cheboksary (1st stage - implemented, 2nd stage - is implemented) Innovation Infrastructure 1st place in the Volga Federal District, 2nd place in Russia in terms of "Share of organizations engaged in innovative activities" (23.7%) (Rosstat) Regional Centre of Engineering Center for prototyping of innovative developments in the field of mechanical engineering of the Chuvash Republic Technopark of production type "Integral" Advances in the field of innovation

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Technological assistance centers to enterprises in the development of new products Prototyping center Main activities: - Production samples to customer's drawings; - Development of technologies for metal and machining; - The introduction of production processes "turnkey". Certification, standardization and testing Center The main types of services: - Testing and certification of electrical equipment and drive technology; - Coordination of communication between research centers, science and industry; - The provision of services to developers and manufacturers. Regional Centre for Engineering Main activities: - Consulting Engineering - Project Engineering - Technical Engineering

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17 Priority areas of cooperation Benefits: Significant industrial and human potential; Available investment sites equipped with the necessary engineering infrastructure for productive activities A large number of industrial enterprises is concentrated in the republic, to carry out orders for the needs of the automotive industry. JSC "ELARA" - the production of automotive electronics; JSC "Kanash Auto Aggregate Plant" - production units and units for buses and trolley buses, logging trailers for heavy trucks. JSC "Cheboksary plant of automotive components" - production of spare parts to the bodyshell OOO "Electro" - the release of starters and alternators for all kinds of automobile, tractor and agricultural machinery, as well as marine diesel engines. Production of metalworking equipment Production of vacuum switches Localization of auto component base Production of engines

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Industrial parks INDUSTRIAL PARK Cheboksary I stage II stage Area - 23,1 hectares Area - 23.8 hectares 10 residents 16 residents INDUSTRIAL PARK Kanash Area - 37.4 hectares 20 residents ADVANTAGES Provision of the necessary infrastructure Advantageous location Workforce 720 new workplaces, more than 1 billion rubles of investments

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19 Industrial parks: benefits and tax incentives exemption from payment of property tax organisations attracting investments (amounting to more than 50 mln. rubles) * rate of corporate income tax (Provided by investments worth over 50 mln. rubles) * 50 % 50 % 14 % for residents of industrial parks in regard to economic activities carried out at the industrial park, the tax rate in connection with the use of a simplified system of taxation is fixed at 5% for the period until 2018. ** 5 % Rental areas Rental price for the area is defined in the auction and will be installed at a low price in the amount of land tax and fixed for the entire term of the lease Redemption value This will set the right to buy at a reduced price Benefits decorated plot of land for industrial site agreed preliminary design of territory simplification of procedures for obtaining technical conditions for connection to the water network, electricity and gas guarantee receipt of all infrastructure connections (complete communication, let down to the site for development)

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Tax benefits: 50% exemption from payment of property tax, which has attracted investments worth over 50 million rubles; 14% rate of corporate income tax, provided investments worth over 50 million rubles; Exemption from payment of vehicle tax; Exemption from payment of taxes to the national budget (production and processing of natural resources) The provision of subsidies for reimbursement of expenses related to the acquisition of equipment. 20 State support of investment activity Accelerating the consideration of issues arising in the implementation of the investment project Support in the creation of business infrastructure Methodical and information support Timely receipt of necessary approvals and investor decisions FINANCIAL MEASURES NON-FINANCIAL MEASURES

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Corporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic supports investors in all phases of the project. Participation in the creation of industrial parks, technology parks and agro-parks in the region and participation in their activities as a management company Preparation of all necessary documentation of projects (business plans, financial models, project concepts) for investors Implementation of the principle of "single window" by Corporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic is a guarantee of equal access to the opportunities offered to each potential investor. Selection and design of production facilities, land at the request of investors Development of public-private and municipal-private partnerships Corporation of Development of the Chuvash Republic

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Brand "Chuvash bioproduct" is developed and used in Chuvashia Organic food Products of Chuvash producers got a certificate and the right to use "Chuvash bioproduct" trademark: - Baked National Sausage "Shartan festive"; - Milk; - Drinks (birch juice, kvass, mineral natural drinking water); - Potatoes; - Cheese.

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Chuvash Republic is a comfortable area Rich EXPERIENCE WITH ACTIVITIES and CHAMPIONSHIPS Coexist with Industrialized centers of Russia Has Unique environment COMMUNICATION WITH REGIONS Railway, road, water and air transport CHEBOKSARY is HOSPITABLE and comfortable city

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Summary: Investment potential of the Chuvash Republic