The Liu Siblings


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lotusbud13 (9 years ago)

so cool....

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The Liu Siblings from Stan & Jose Memories are made of these….by Lotus

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Lesley Liu Jeremy Liu Wendy Liu Now we've grown up and left the nest. The memories we share is still the best. My siblings I do miss you true, My thoughts often travel back to you ….

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When they were kids …….. And that is Baby Wendy back then…..

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Wendy & Popo

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Jeremy and Popo Lesley and Popo

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Happy Time

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The 3 PoPos.s..s

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Happy Times

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The Growing Up…..years!

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The Then…. Lesley & Jeremy The Now…. Lesley & Jeremy

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Now & Then Now & Then

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The Then…and Now…. Wendy Liu

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Lesley & Wendy

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The Liu Family Portrait

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Wendy & KuKu

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Nephews and Nieces are children that I borrow…but I did not raised . I couldn’t have asked for more.

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