Crystal Handmade Glassware


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Crystal Handmade Glassware Classical Chandeliers Offers a Huge Collection of Crystal Handmade Glassware

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CRYSTAL BASKETS Providing an ornamental effect and acting as an amazing piece of decorative element, the crystal baskets are manufactured by the bohemian in beautiful cuts and artistic designs. The excellently crafted and hand made baskets make a priceless and wonderful impression, available in different patterns or sizes.

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Crystal Carafes & Decanters Bohemian manufactured crystal carafes & decanters adore the place with an elegant look, suitable for use in restaurants or dining’s. Made out of break-resistant crystal, the carafes & decanters makes pouring easy, precise and artful. They are available in wide sizes and hand made designs.

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Cut Crystal Vases The classic style and the gorgeous look of the cut crystal vases made out of top-quality Bohemian crystal feature the exquisite. These handmade crystal masterpiece vases with their brilliance and glisten add sparkle to any room. The luxurious crafting of the vases uncovers the impeachable wonders!

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Cut Glass Jugs An exclusive selection bohemian cut glass jugs are available in various designs and patterns to help choose the best one for your home. Add the best one to your collection that reflects a true beauty and to serve the best to your guests.

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Cut Glasses Shop outside the box for the unique and amazing cut glasses for your everyday needs. There is a handmade collection of Bohemian offering exclusive fine cuts and designs. Available in different colourations, you can easily find the best according to your needs.

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Perfume Bottle 56002 A fine perfume bottle is a perfect for your makeup wardrobe. This handmade Bohemian perfume bottle adds a touch of uniqueness and its shine is alluring to the eyes. Made of fine crystal materials, these are the most preferred pieces of jewelry.

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Summary: Classical Chandeliers Offers a Huge Collection of Crystal Handmade Glassware.

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