Smoking Effects on the Body


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What smoking does to your body Smoking is injurious to health and is responsible for causing number of diseases. Smoking is responsible for one out of every five deaths. The smoke from burning tobacco contains nearly 7,000 other chemicals that are known to cause cancer and damage our body.

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Your Bones are Affected: Weakening of bones leading to osteoporosis and making you prone to spine injuries and fractures

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Your Respiratory System: Increased risk of lung infections, inflammation of the lungs, damaged air sacs, and narrow lung airway leading to breathlessness

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Your Circulatory System: Increased blood pressure, narrow arteries, increased clot formation leading to increased risk of heart attack

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Your Immune System: Weak immune system making you prone to infections and prolong the time taken for recovery

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Reproductive Problems: Smoking can reduce the quality of sperms and can affect the regularity of the menstrual cycle in women

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You Will Look Older: Loose skin around eyes, wrinkles, poor skin tone, age spots, stained fingers, early balding, crow’s feet, cataracts, and stained teeth

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Diseases: Smoker becomes prone to cancer, digestive problems, lung diseases and several other deadly diseases.

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What Smoking Does to Our Body

Summary: we are going to aware you from smoking effect on the body through this power slide show.

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