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CakePHP Development

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What is CakePHP? An open source web framework Written in PHP Helps for rapid web development CakePHP is modelled after Ruby on Rails Release under the MIT License

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Rapid database app development using integrated CRUD Comes with Application scaffolding Generated code for several stuff Follows MVC architecture hence easy maintanance Request dispatcher with clean, custom URLs and routes Built-in validation which saves lots of time for CakedPHP developers Fast and flexible templating (PHP syntax, with helpers) In built Cookie, Security, Session, and Request Handling Components Active CakePHP community that is also very friendly Why CakePHP?

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What is MVC Cake PHP Development follows Model–View–Controller. MVC containts three tiers : 1. The Model contains the business logic 2. The View renders presentation logic ( UI, Validation etc ) 3. The Controller handles and routes requests made by the client

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Requirements HTTP Server. For example: Apache. mod_rewrite is preferred, but by no means required. PHP 4.3.2 or greater. Yes, CakePHP works great on PHP 4 and 5. Technically a database engine isn’t required, but we imagine that most applications will utilize one. CakePHP supports a variety of database storage engines: MySQL (4 or greater) PostgreSQL Firebird DB2 Microsoft SQL Server Oracle SQLite ODBC ADOdb

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Easy Setup Download the cakephp in and extract to some location (say cake), and set the env path to cake/cake/console and for the php. Locate to the webroot and use the command “cake bake <prj_name” to create the new web application. The above command will create the web application, then locate root directory to the application “cd <prj_name”, use “cake bake model” to create the models for the database. After creating the models use “cake bake controller” to create the controller files, by default the controllers for the basic CURD operation is created here. Use “cake bake view” for creating the views for the created controller. Try to open this web application in the browser. To change the basic layout edit default.ctp file in the views/layouts directory and edit views/pages/home.ctp to edit homepage.

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Anubavam Technical Expertise IPhone

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"We are definitely satisfied with the web development and integration work done by Anubavam. They helped us create our company's new corporate community Web site from the ground up. The project had some extremely aggressive timetables to meet, and they were not only able to meet those time demands by coming in on time, but they also finished the project within the originally promised budget, all with quality results. The company was extremely professional to deal with, provided excellent service, and were very responsive throughout the life of the project. We look forward to working with them in the future as our community continues to evolve." David Marshall Director of Marketing, Hyper9 "Anubavam was HUGE help in getting us live. !! Siva and his team have been both responsive and proactive in working our issues and a huge help in getting us up to speed on the product. The ability to quickly turn around requirements and their providing a “staging” area for us to review changes, improved the final products quality and allowed us to move forward quickly. I could not recommend a better business partner for your software and a better partner for your clients to engage. I would recommend that you keep Anubavam at the top of your partner list. " John Bonilla OSIsoft, Inc. "Anubavam is a tremendous help to us. I have worked with Anubavam for some time now on a variety of projects from programming to web design and even SEO. They understand software, are very knowledgeable and bring new insights to every project." David Garcia CIO, Icon Building Systems Inc. What do our customer say

Summary: The CakePHP framework provides a robust base for your application. It can handle every aspect, from the user’s initial request all the way to the final rendering of a web page.

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