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3 Important Aspects Of School Education That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

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Overview School education not just prepares the students for college but also imparts them with basic life skills. It also inculcates ethical values in children. When it comes to choosing the right school for your child, it is important to select a school that focuses on the holistic development of children. Education is the process through which knowledge and skills are imparted to children. It plays a very important role in a child’s overall growth and development. An educated individual is an asset to a society. If a person is well-read, he can make a positive contribution to the society. At the same time, he can explore better opportunities for himself and live a happy and fulfilling life. Also, education is important for a successful career. Education also inculcates ethical values in children. It helps in making them better citizens.

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The schools focus on the following aspects of education- 1. Concept Based Education Concept based education, also known as inquiry-based learning, is not just about imparting knowledge to the students. It is also about teaching students to consider the context in which they will use that knowledge. It prepares students for a lifetime of learning. Unlike rote learning, concept based education enables students to learn and understand things by heart. 2. Life Skills Development Life skill is any skill that is useful in our life. The main purpose of life skills development is preparing students for the world outside. There are many schools that organize excursion trips and workshops to impart life skills to students. These activities provide an exposure to the students and prepare them for the real world.

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Extra Curricular Activities

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3.Personality Development Personality Development is an important aspect of school education. Every child has a distinct personality. Providing the right environment to children will go a long way when it comes to making them more confident. Personality development includes improving communication skills, enhancing observational skills and building the confidence of individuals.

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Summary: Cambridge School endeavors to impart concept based education in curriculum because we hate rote learning. We widen student's horizon by making them think logically & oriented.

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