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About Scientific Studies

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Major Heat Degradation Products Colour retention was better at pH 1–2 (70.2–118%) than at pH 3–7 (39.0–86.8%). Chalcones were identified as the major heat degradation products at pH 3–7.

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Biological Effects Of Sorghum Modulating modalities has potential for reducing inflammation-induced immune suppression. Sorghum-based foods, teas, beers, and extracts are used in traditional medicine, placing an importance on obtaining an increased understanding of the biological effects of sorghum

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Traditional Herbal Preparation The purpose of this study was to evaluate a traditional herbal preparation, Jobelyn, for its effects on anemia and CD4 + T-cell counts in human immunodeficiency virus–positive (HIV + ) patients in Nigeria.

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Treatment Of Anaemia Jubi Formula® is a herbal preparation made from three medicinal herbs (Parquetina nigrescens, Sorghum bicolor and Harungana madagascariensis). It has been reported to have been successfully used in the treatment of anaemia & natural remedy for diabetes in humans

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Morphological & Histopathological Jobelyn® is a commercial herbal product recommended for the management of anemia related illnesses. Despite its wide use, there is limited report on its toxicological profile. This study examined the acute and shortterm chronic toxicity profiles of the product with emphasis on the LD50, gross morphological and histopathological effects.

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Chemically Defined Haematinics The haematological changes observed with commercially available haematinics . Results showed that AHF produced effects in haemoglobin (Hb) and packed cell volume (PCV) levels which are reasonably comparable with the reference commercial and chemically defined haematinics

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Chronic Neurological Disorder Psychosis is a chronic neurological disorde and it remains a major medical and social problem in most African countries. Individuals with psychotic illness in this region tend to seek help from traditional medical practitioners

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Anti-amnesic & Antioxidant properties This investigation provides evidence that suggests that JB has anti-amnesic and antioxidant properties. Although the present data suggest that the anti-amnesic property of JB might be related to its antioxidant activity, more studies are necessary to clarify this observation

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Free-radical Scavenging Extracts of the herbs Sorghum bicolor, basil, and thyme were tested for total flavonoid content and Free-radical scavenging ability using the Aluminum Chloride Method and DPPH Free-Radical Scavenging assay, respectively.

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Public Health Significance Aggression is a violent behavior emitted against another organism that may lead to its harm or death and thus is of public health significance, which necessitates the search for agents with anti-aggressive property

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Treatment Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Jobelyn® (JB) is an African sorghum-based food supplement claimed to be efficacious for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Although in vitro studies confirmed its anti-inflammatory property, no study had shown the effect of JB using in vivo animal models of inflammation

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Analgesic & Anxiolytic Potentials This study presents the results of the pharmacological evaluation of the analgesic and anxiolytic potentials of Jobelyn®, a potent antioxidant African herbal formulation, in mice. The analgesic effect was assessed utilizing acetic acidinduced writhing, tail immersion and formalininduced paw licking pain models

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Summary: Abstract The impact of chronic inflammatory conditions on immune function is substantial, and the simultaneous application of anti-inflammatory and immune modulating modalities has potential for reducing inflammation-induced immune suppression

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