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Download This APP Now And Check How Much Happy You Yesterday.

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LONG BREAKS OR MICRO-BREAKS? RECHARGING YOUR ENERGY TO FUEL YOUR PRODUCTIVITY It is Thursday morning. You are at your desk trying hard to solve an important task, but every three minutes the telephone rings and you are constantly interrupted. You look at your to-do list and you start to panic. Read Full article…

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Get inspired. Updated happiness articles, inspirational stories, happiness levels and much more. Bucket List: Should We All Have One? Mindfulness: What Is It, And How Do I Start? 8 Mistakes That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals Why We Should Celebrate Our Accomplishments – And What Happens If We Don’t

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Summary: When things aren’t going well and you do not know the cause, comes to your rescue. It will record everything that affects your mood and tell you where the problem lies. It is then in your hands to handle the situation accordingly and be happy once again.

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