Best Pet Medical Care Service in Delhi, India


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1/15/2017 Best Pet Medical Care Service in Delhi, India

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1/15/2017 is the first pooch loving portal in India where you can go online and search for its favorite food, clothing and bedding adding to it the optional services of a Vet, Trainers, Taxi, Hotels, Groomer, Boarding Lodging Rehabilitation and fitness equipment, Insurance and many more!!. Offering you a scintillating shopping experience with products and services.

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1/15/2017 Contact Us Home4Pet Registered Office Address: Home4pet E-Commerce Private Limited Oriental Apartments, A-10, Sector IX, Plot No 50, Rohini, Delhi-11008,India CIN: U74999DL2016PTC300513 Phone: 011-428-15333, Email:, Call Us 9821382077,9821382078 (10am-6pm Mon-Sat) Email Us

Summary: If you are looking for Pet Medical Care service as Annual Dog Vaccination Package, De-Shedding Treatment (Small Breeds), Pet X -Ray, Pet Eye Cherry surgery (Both Eyes), Annual Puppy Vaccination Package, Annual Puppy Vaccination Package, Annual Vaccination Package for Puppy, Anunually Dog Vaccination, Basic Blood Test Package, Canine Distemper Test (CDT), Canine Distemper Test - CDT (Elisa Based) ,Canine Parvovirus Test (CPV) Kit Based, Canine Parvovirus Test(CPV) - Elisa Based, Complete Blood Count (CBC) - Test etc then You can make a call on this +91 9821382077 or +91 9821382078 phone number or can write @

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