Mr. and Mrs. Twits


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Mr. and Mrs. Twit go out for dinner. Noelia Martos Ruíz i Cira Roig Galdón. Primer de Grau d’Educació Infantil. UIB (seu d’Eivissa). 22035 - Llengua i Cultura Anglesa

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After Mr. and Mrs. Twit had been arguing for a week and both had been making jokes to each other about frogs, worms, etc. Mr. Twit decided to apologise and asked Mrs. Twit to go out for dinner. Mrs. Twit was so excited about that. So she went to choose one of her nicest dresses. Mr. Twit thought that, so as not to spend too much money he could make some sandwiches and go to a bar only to drink a coffee. And when Mrs. Twit was not looking he put a stone in Mrs. Twit’s sandwich.

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It was nearly time to go out for dinner, so Mr. Twit shouted from downstairs… Are you ready old cow? Mrs. Twit came downstairs looking as nice as she could but Mr. Twit had not even shaved or changed his clothes. Mr. Twit opened the front door as the taxi arrived. The taxi driver asked Mr. Twit… ‘Where are we going, Sir?’ Mr. Twit answered ‘Bob’s Café’… Mrs. Twit had not been to that place before but she thought that she was going to a nice restaurant.

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When they got there Mr. Twit said to the taxi driver: ‘My wife will pay you’. Mr. Twit got out of the taxi to walk into the café and left his wife paying the taxi driver. The place looked disgusting and Mr. and Mrs. Twit sat at one of the corner tables.

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When the waiter saw that they had sat down, he shouted from the counter. ‘What would you like to drink?’ Mr. Twit asked for a coffee, Mrs. Twit looked at Mr. Twit with a strange face and decided to ask for a coffee as well. Then the waiter asked ‘anything to eat?’ and Mr. Twit answered ‘no, thank-you’. Mrs. Twit said to Mr. Twit ‘I thought that we were going out for dinner’. And Mr. Twit said ‘of course we are’ and immediately took a couple of sandwiches out of a bag.

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While the waiter was getting the coffee ready, they started eating the sandwiches. When the waiter was serving the coffee, he saw that Mr. and Mrs. Twit were eating a sandwich. So he said: ‘Excuse me, but you cannot eat your own sandwiches in here!’ the two looked each other, shrugged and exchanged sandwiches… and the waiter did not know what to say and ran out.

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So Mr. and Mrs. Twit continued eating their sandwiches and… Mrs. Twit shouted: ‘You dirty old man, you have put a stone in my sandwich!’.

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The End.

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