Aspects of OJPRO 6968 Printer


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Aspects of OJPRO 6968 Printer: BY

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HP Printer Setup can perform the best of printing get your printer setup installed and you can perform all of the functions in an instant. It is better to perform the most important functions of the printer through your driver software. Once you install the setup it is easy to access your printer.

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Officejet Pro 6968 Printer: As said earlier the printer can perform any of the functions through the driver software installed. Some common aspects that is performed on Officejet Pro 6968 Printer setup are, Print Copy & Scan Share

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Other than these option you can make this into a combination. The important thing that is to be noted is that you can handle any of these options together with any other function.

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How to merge two functions of a printer? In case if you are using your HP Printer Setup 6968 model and you just need to copy and share a document or image to your recipient , you can perform the following steps. Open the printer scanner lid. Place the document or image on the scanner glass. Make sure you place the document with the print side down. Close the scanner’s cover lid.

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Now select the copy option and hit the start copy button. Once the printer copies the document, you can select the share option. To share the document using any of the share method. That is either through Wireless or Fax option.

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To share the document through wireless option, you can directly share the document by selecting the device. In case if your sharing through Fax enter the recipient number through the printer control panel. Finally, hit the send Fax option.

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Some more features also adds up to the Officejet Pro 6968 printer setup, you can know them by visiting We have skilled technicians who work to provide the best of service for your printer. If you have any issues related to printer setup, you can make use of this website. We are ready to clarify your issues through step-by-step process.

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