How To Work With HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Wireless Feature


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How to work with HP Office Jet Pro 8710’s Wireless Feature?

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Wireless Printer is one of the mind boggling feature that attracts customers attention. When you come to know that your printer is wireless enabled, you try to find all possible ways to connect your printer and to start printing. Now let us see this in brief.

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Steps To Connect Printer Wirelessly: Initially it is required to connect your printer to the external power source to get powered up. Once you setup your printer, install the driver setup to your computer. Using the printer setup software, select the wireless option.

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Steps To Connect Printer Wirelessly: Now turn on the WPS button on your printer. Use a wireless router of 802.11 b/g/n network. Turn ON your router’s WPS option. Once you turn ON your entire setup, your printer atomatically connects. You can start to print your documents wirelessly.

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Is it possible to scan from computer? The printer can perform this action on direct access. There is another possibilty of connecting the printer to perform scan. Install your printer software to your computer.

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Is it possible to scan from computer? Once you install the driver a printer icon appears on your desktop screen. Click the icon and select the scan option. Now place the document on your scanner glass and select the scan option on your software.

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The process is carried out in order to perform any of your printer function without direct access on your printer. This makes the process more simple and easy.

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Make sure before you use or you start to use your printer device, you need to know the full working system of your printer. Only when you know the functions and its performances, you can start to access your printer setup more efficiently.

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