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1 Then, move the mouse cursor over this slide until the arrow (shown by the red indicator) appears on the right side of the frame. Then, press the LEFT mouse button to activate. Follow the instructions on the next slide to use an alternate method to advance through this tutorial. Before you start: Click on the Full Screen icon at the lower right of this frame, as shown by the blue indicator below. How to This Tutorial

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To Advance Through This Tutorial, Use The Right Arrow Key on Your Keyboard. 2 Welcome! The slides will advance only when you press the arrow key. This allows you to take as much time as you need to study each slide.

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Welcome To The DIGITAL Tutorial System 3

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Using CIS to Create a Resume This brief tutorial will walk you through the basic process of how to access and use the Resume Creator within CIS. As always, if you need assistance when using the CIS and any of its features, please ask your Resource Specialist for help. 4

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5 Get Ready... One-two-three, stretch, two-two-three, stretch...

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6 Get Set...

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Go! Developing Content for Your Resume 7

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8 Plugging in Your Information...

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Complete the applicable fields, then click Save Information. 9

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Adding More Content... 10

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Licenses and Certificates... 11 Here is where you will list all professional licenses and certificates.

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Workshops and Training... 12

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Work History... 13 This includes all relevant PAID and UNPAID work.

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14 Calculating Your Time on the Job... 20 hrs/week for 1 year = 6 mo. 10 hrs/week for 1 year = 3 mo. 30 hrs/week for 1 year = 9 mo. 40 hrs/week for 1 year = 1 yr.

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19 Achievements... This is where RECOGNITION, AWARDS, and SCHOLARLY WORKS Are Listed...

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20 Personal Information...

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21 References...

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22 Almost Finished...

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23 The Final Creation...

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24 (1) (3) (2) YOUR OBJECTIVE GOES HERE (1) (2) Give your resume a title ... (2) Choose your document format

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25 Changes and Selections Made... Push the Button! A full-time receptionist position in a busy medical office or clinic in need of a seasoned professional with over ten years of practical experience. Objective Complete Order Complete Boxes Checked Format Selected

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26 Click “Open” to view and edit your resume...

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27 The Finished Product

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28 Now that you have completed this tutorial, you should be able to successfully navigate through the “Create Resume” section of the CIS. You should also be able to create a basic resume using the various system templates.

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29 For additional help with the Resume Creator within CIS, ask your friendly Resource Specialist for assistance.

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Thank You for Using DIGITAL Tutorial System 30 Please advance for final instructions...

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31 Exiting This Tutorial Internet access: Press the Esc Button in the upper left of your keyboard, then close the page by clicking on the red “X” in the far upper right corner of your monitor. CD Tutorial Disc: Press the Esc Button in the upper left of your keyboard, then close the page by clicking on the red “X” in the far upper right corner of your monitor. Eject Disc and return it to the Resource Specialist. Opened from a Desktop Icon: Press the Esc Button in the upper left of your keyboard. Then close the window. Thank You!