Tiger Calcium Services Inc


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Tiger Calcium Services Inc.

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Calcium Chloride Manufacturers of Dust Control Products Our Formula 35 Premium Dust Control formulation protects road surfaces providing stabilization that reduces aggregate loss, settles dust and increases driver safety.

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Calcium Chloride Distributors of Anti-Icing & De-Icing Products Road Guard Plus™ and Clear Guard™ are our safe, high-efficacy, inhibited calcium chloride-based products that provide optimal industrial and commercial anti-icing/de-icing as part of overall snow and ice management.

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Calcium Chloride Supplier of Oil Field Fluids Continuously available calcium chloride-based brines and custom-blended specialty fluids formulated for use in the oilfield for drilling and well-kill operations

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Tiger Tanklines – Chemical Transportation We offer safety-focussed, customer service-centric specialty chemical hauling services.  We are Western Canada’s most reliable alternative for molten sulphur transportation. http://www.tigercalcium.com/

Summary: At Tiger Calcium Services we fabricate, supply, transport and apply premium calcium chloride items. We are pleased to be one of the biggest makers of calcium chloride items in North America, drawing from the biggest known save of normally happening calcium chloride. Dealing with all regions of generation while likewise dealing with our own committed transportation armada empowers us to deliver a reliably prevalent item with a guaranteed supply consistently. http://www.tigercalcium.com/

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