Where To Invest Money In The Philippines


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Holiday and Retirement Homes Calatagan House and Lot Located in Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines Area : 1530 sq.m available for : For Sale Bathrooms : 4 Bathrooms Bed House : 4 Bedrooms Size : 500 sq.m floor area (approx.) Price from : Php 25000000 Name of project : Calatagan House and Lot Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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Economy of the Philippines The Philippines has seen consistent and upward growth over the last decade.Sensible political governance and economic policy along with increased foreign investment in the services sector has put the Philippines high on the list of improving countries.The Philippines is a founder member of ASEAN (the Association of South East Asian Nations) the seventh largest economy in the world.For the first time in Q1 of 2016 the Philippines outstripped China in terms of growth and GDP is expected to rise by 7% in 2016, a figure which all of the largest economies would be envious. Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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Nature of the Philippines Being an island nation, the Philippines is blessed with numerous examples of animal, bird, sea and plant life, many unique to the archipelago. From the largest fish in the oceans, the whale shark, to the smallest primate on earth, the tarsier; from the might of the national bird, the Philippine Eagle to the grace of the Boat Orchid, the Philippines has so much to offer. The coral reefs surrounding the islands are second only in size to the Great Barrier Reef and are a huge draw to both snorkelers and divers alike. Turtles, sharks and tropical fish abound. Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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The Grove by Rockwell The Grove is your resort-like residential enclave amidst the city. It continues to reflect Rockwell’s trusted and earned reputation for lifestyle, security, safety and community. Area : 43 sq.m Bathrooms : 1 Bathroom Bed House : 1 Bedroom Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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Manila Ocean Tower Condominium showcases studio units and also one to three bedrooms with state of the art amenities and safety features to compliment your ever-growing lifestyle. Area : 76 sq.m available for : For Sale Bathrooms : 2 Bathrooms Bed House : 1 Bedroom Name of project : Ocean Tower Condominium Price from : Php 5500000 Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/ Ocean Tower Condominium

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Property Property in the Philippines is seen by most as the main growth area. Property prices saw a 10% annual increase across the whole of the Philippines in 2015 according to the Central Bank’s statistics. In certain areas, for example parts of Makati, growth as high as 25% per annum was recorded. Economists see the growth continuing well into the next decade and with the current President supporting foreign investment in the Philippines, the property market is likely to lead the way. Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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Contact Us Contact info Suite 22c, Level 22 Ayala Tower One,Exchange Plaza,6767 Ayala Avenue,Makati City Call Us : + 63 (0) 9773631915 Fax : + 63 (0) 9773631924 Phone : + (63) (0) 2368 5746 Visit: http://www.investinginthephilippines.com/

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