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Tile Shop Sydney

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Porcelain Tiles Are you building your new home? Or are have you become bored of your marble floors, or the drab of your wooden panels? It is time to switch porcelain tiles Sydney. They are not only long-lasting and efficient, porcelain tiles can transform an otherwise ordinary home, into a lovely abode. Porcelain tile comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes and textures, making it the ideal choice for floors, walls, bathrooms and even commercial settings. http://www.stonedesign.net.au/porcelain-tiles-sydney/

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Benefits of Porcelain Flooring Porcelain tiles are an ideal choice for floor tiles and have been for some years, they are durable, hard wearing. These tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colours, so finding those that suit your style isn't a problem. Porcelain is from the family of ceramics and was used in creating decorative pieces such as vases and figurines, prior to being used as tiles. Porcelain Tiles Sydney are easy to maintain and they make great additions to both kitchens. http://www.stonedesign.net.au/porcelain-tiles-sydney/

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Easy cleaning Porcelain Tiles are easy to clean and maintenance. It is non- porous in material and it gets protected from bacteria. These porcelain tiles are essentially stain- proof and highly resistant to slipping. It can be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. Keeping a porcelain tile floor clean merely requires a bit of sweeping and mopping. It is the perfect material for those who want good looks with very little effort. http://www.stonedesign.net.au/porcelain-tiles-sydney/

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Durability Porcelain tiles are much denser than standard ceramic tile as it is fired at higher temperatures and made from more refined clay. The flawless beauty of Porcelain adds function and style to residential and commercial environments alike. It withstands the rigors of everyday life beautifully to maintain its beauty for generations to come. These tiles are more scratch resistant than other varieties, and more durable and resistant to stains.   http://www.stonedesign.net.au/porcelain-tiles-sydney/

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Low Maintenance Porcelain tile is much easier to maintain as it repels stains and doesn’t require any sealing for water resistance. Spills can be cleaned up easily usually with water and a bit of detergent (if needed) from impervious surface, where it can also resistant to harsher cleaning agents. Porcelain floor tile looks great for years to come with very little maintenance. http://www.stonedesign.net.au/porcelain-tiles-sydney/

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Stone design: www.stonedesign.net.au Address: 1/24-27 Crescent St Holroyd, NSW Australia 2145 Contact number :61 297 601 444 Contact email ID : sales@stonedesign.net.au Contact us

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Summary: Looking for best Tiles Shop in Sydney? Then visit Stone Design for latest and quality tiles with a wide range of designs for selection.

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