The Purpose of Therapy


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The Purpose of Therapy TANU CHOKSI

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Do You Need Couple Therapy? You probably won’t if you’re single; but if you’re married; we understand the terms are different. Marriage really is hard work and if you keep ignoring the instances you need to work on, it could get to a point where even the smallest most insignificant idiosyncrasies’ of each other work against us. The smallest of differences that we have to live with, go beyond a point you can stand. That is when you enrol yourself into couple counselling. “I can’t take it any more.” is a sure sign you need couple therapy.

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A Remedial Method for Couples Couple therapy helps couples resolve issues where: one of the partners could be involved in a romantic affair or be a victim of substance abuse or physical assault. There are also situations that arise during couple therapy where people are troubled due to past experiences or, being troubled by those in the family apart from their spouse. A death in the family or a financial crunch could lead to the need for therapy.

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Do You Need Family Therapy? The purpose of visiting a family therapist for family therapy is all about achieving peace within your household unit. All the screaming, the emotional roller-coasters, the inability to communicate or feel anything are tiring. You are now in the mood to take control of the situation and fix it. You could also have identified a problem and have decided at the right time that you want to nip the unnecessary problems in the bud and start facing the real, legitimate problems together as a family.

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The Environment When you opt for family therapy, you are in a calm and controlled environment. This procedure usually involves one on one sessions with each family member and the therapist. The family therapist can note down different viewpoints that would help him get to the root of the situation and figure out what is going wrong. It helps the therapist conducting family therapy understand what the problem areas of the family are.

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Participation and Honesty So whether it is family therapy or couple therapy, the entire purpose is to re-establish faith in broken relationships. You cannot put a time cap on it, wanting some immediate changes in the marriage or family set-up. Participation by all members involved is very important in order for the sessions to gain any kind of positive outcome on the lives of those investing their time in therapy.

Summary: This procedure usually involves one on one sessions with each family member and the therapist. For more information visit

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