Features to Look for when Choosing a CRM Software


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So you are planning to incorporate a CRM software into your business? Remember there are a range of CRM tools available depending upon their functionality and features. So your decision will backfire if you choose one that does not meet your business needs. For instance, if the software tool you choose is a complex system, your team will have a hard time understanding and implementing it. So make sure your CRM has simple yet intuitive interface and is easy to use. A CRM tool can be a great help to your business, provided it has the following 3 must-have features.

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Customization and Scalable It goes without saying that the CRM system you choose should support customization. Customization allows you to add new features in order to meet your evolving business needs. Things like addition/deletion of user defined fields and individual reports generation, should be supported by the system. So if you want to take your business to the next level, make sure your CRM is customizable. Scalability is another factor that you need to consider when selecting a software tool. For instance, you may choose CRM for small business but make sure it is scalable to meet growing demands of your business. Software tools that are not scalable can actually be a great obstacle to your business growth.

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Integrates Well Adopting this software tool might be difficult if it does not connect well with your existing systems that include ecommerce, ERP and accounting system. Integration will ensure seamless flow of business data between different systems, thereby giving a smooth user experience. You get greater visibility and control of your business operations. So whether you choose CRM software for small business or large enterprise, make sure it integrates easily with your third-party applications.   Remote Access Adopting remote access solutions has shown to improve productivity of employees as it allows them to access and use CRM from anywhere. So, you don’t want to choose a CRM that can be accessed only from the company’s internal network. Go for a cloud-based solution which will allow you to access from any device (computer, laptop, mobile devices) that has Internet connectivity. With mobile workforce increasing steadily, it does makes sense to deploy a cloud-based CRM.

Summary: A CRM tool can be a great help to your business, provided it has the following 3 must-have features.

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