We Rollin’, They Hatin


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We Rollin’, They Hatin’ http://smaaashusa.com/

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Roller coasters are thrilling rides in amusement parks, which not everyone can handle even though they might enjoy them because of various reasons like motion sickness or a heart problem. That serves as one reason behind resorting to roller coaster games, another one being convenience or time factor. You cannot go to amusement parks everyday or even every week. And so, you make do with roller coaster fun games that give you almost the same experience. http://smaaashusa.com/

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Benefits of roller coaster rides: Stress reliever Adrenaline rush improves mood Burning calories while riding, waiting in the line, and walking around in the park Helps you face your fears Socializing medium Encourages bonding with family and friends http://smaaashusa.com/

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Cons of playing roller coaster games: Can result in addiction Time and money spent on gaming Harms eyesight No physical activity, hence unhealthy Detachment from family, friends, and other co-curricular activities http://smaaashusa.com/

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List of top roller coaster games: 3D Crazy Coaster Coaster dynamix No Limits Planet Coaster Roller Coaster Tycoon Scream ride Thrill ville Ultimate Ride http://smaaashusa.com/

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How to access roller coaster games: Game zones Online websites Game downloads from the internet App downloads Gaming gadgets http://smaaashusa.com/

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